Thursday, March 15, 2012

Growing Girl's Bedroom Part 2-Turquoise Dresser Makeover Done

Ta-Da Here's our dresser ALL complete!

Here's a color swatch of the color we ended up going with.
We found it at Home Depot and it's the Behr Disney paints in a color called
"Timeless Tales."

Rylinn picked it out ALL by herself! And I have to say I'm in LOVE with this color!!! It's a little aqua, a little bit turquoise and it has sort of a minty feel to it. It really is the perfect shade because it's still bold enough to make a statement yet subtle and soft too. It's a perfect balance if you're a little afraid to use too much color. You really can't mess it up hahaa!

Here it is in all its glory "BEFORE"

The dresser was completely sanded down, then painted with 3-4 coats of Kilz primer. Finally, it was finished off with 2 coats of Behr Paint in the Disney custom color "Timeless Tales"

These are the original handles from the 30s-40s time period! Isn't it beautiful?!?!

Here's Cord adding the antique hardware back on

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