Friday, June 22, 2012

Lemonade Stands for Summer

Lemonade Stands for Summer!

Every Summer as the weather warms up my kids are anxious to get out and sell lemonade in our neighborhood. We do it every year with all the kids in the neighborhood. I also love this idea because I can build in a little work ethic lesson into it (and the kids don't even know it...I'm so sneaky!). They learn the importance of buying products, earning a small profit, and saving for something they really want or need.

Here's a story I found about little girls' who wanted to be able to earn money for dance lessons. Their parents were having a hard time affording dance lessons, so the girls' learned how you have to work to earn privileges. Here's the post called Lemonade for a Cause.

So....I am currently building my own lemonade stand and am using some of these favorites for my inspiration. I can't wait to finish it!!! I'll post pictures of it as soon as it's finished!

{Photography by Jacquilyn Avery Photography}

This Vintage Lemonade Stand was found on It is one of my most favorite lemonade stands I've seen yet! Who wouldn't want to buy some lemonade from the lucky kids at this lemonade stand?!?!?

This premade lemonade stand is perfect for Summer and is good for girls and boys. I found this one on Booptey Lu's Etsy Shop

Here's another adorable stand with a really cute ruffled table cover I saw at Scatterd Thoughts of a Crafty Mom's blog.
Here's a link to this pretty little Lemonade printable
Here's a link for these printable scallop labels

If you're handy (or have a handy hubby) there is a COMPLETE tutorial found HERE!

Here's my girls' with last year's Lemonade Stand! I wish I had taken better pictures....still nothing close to as cute as the stands I keep seeing floating around on Pinterest!
This year I'm determined to make an AWESOME one!!!