Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mommy and Rylinn's Special Day

Yesterday Rylinn and I decided to spend a much needed day together-just the two of us! Lately it has been very difficult to balance myself between both of my girls. It seems like when one is happy with me the other is not. I try so hard to be fair, but it is impossible to perfect this balancing act!

So....I decided to try spending a special day with each daughter at least two times a month. Cord and I take turns with the girls, so that means Ava and Daddy had a special day too. This seems to have already helped with some of the sibling rivalry issues we've been having.

I let Rylinn pick what she wanted to do for her special day. She decided going to the movies and the mall with Mommy would be the most fun. First, we went to Red Robin and ate appetizers. She chose onion rings of all things, but it was HER day!!

Next, we went to the movies and watched the new Disney movie 'G-Force' in 3-D. I have to admit the movie was very entertaining and full of Disney action.

After the movies, we went to the mall to buy a gift for her friend from school where we found a cute little cupcake shop called CBS Cupcakes. The shop was so cute. Everything was pink and black, so we just had to take a couple of pictures of Rylinn posing in it after we finished our sugary treats. I'm not sure where she learned these poses, but she is cute as always!

At the end of the day I realized how important having these days with each of my girls is. I've been so busy being a mom to Rylinn AND Ava that I almost forgot that they are individuals. Rylinn and I had so much fun and I felt we reconnected our special bond.

I can't wait for my next special day with Ry!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where Does the Time go....Seriously???

I have no idea how or why time keeps flying by so fast! It seems like Rylinn just started kindergarten and now we're getting ready to send her off to 1st grade in a little over 3 weeks!!! Where did the summer go? As a matter of fact, where did the past 5 years go?

I thought by now I would have mastered motherhood, but I guess I'm only a regular human-not Supermom. It's still hard to balance being a mother, wife, future career...oh yeah, and ME! Sometimes I forget, as many of us mothers do, about the importance of doing the things WE love too!