Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ava and Mommy's Day

Yesterday was Rylinn's first day of 1st grade! I can't believe it!! She is getting so big so fast! I will post pictures and write about that milestone a little later!!

Since one of my babies is now going to be in school for a full day I decided it is now time to focus on my little Ava Shea. She is getting bigger and I think she needs a little independence from constantly being the little sister.

It has been really interesting to watch her the last two days. It may sound crazy, but I can already tell she is loving her new independence and she already seems so much more mature.

I decided after dropping Rylinn off at school (tears...) I would take Ava to go see a movie just the two of us. When we got there she picked out a box of Gummie Bears and a drink.....$9.00 later LOL! She ended up sitting next to another 3 year old who she quickly befriended. Normally she has her big sister who does all the talking and 'friend making,' but not this time!

Shortly after making a friend, Ava decided on her own she would share her candy with her. Next thing I knew Ava decided she wanted to give her friend the WHOLE entire box of Gummie Bears! The Gummie Bears cost about $4, but seeing Ava growing and giving by herself was completely priceless!

Here's the Space Chimps movie poster :)

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