Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rylinn's 6th Birthday!

This year Rylinn decided to have a party with some friends from school. It was so much fun yet part of me finally realized how quickly she's growing up and how once the time is gone I can never get it back.

This was the first year she became very interested in hanging out with her friends. First, she enjoyed a little birthday celebration at school, then we had a pajama party (not a sleepover-I'm not that crazy!) with her friends. It was so much fun! The kids all wore their PJs and enjoyed playing games, especially Freeze Dance. The little girls' really enjoyed drinking a special punch out of plastic champagne glasses. They were so thrilled!

The kids made ice cream sundaes with "Birthday Cake" ice cream loaded with candy, sprinkles, chocolate and strawberry syrup. Oh boy, those were some interesting creations! Then we ate popcorn and watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

I had a lot of fun myself and some day I will miss these days!

Punch Recipe:
1 part Ginger Ale

1 part Hawaiian Punch
Several scoops of sherbert ice-cream of your choice
Any fruit you want to add!

Rylinn at school on her birthday

Rylinn's class is singing to her...please note at the very end how the entire class started chasing her! Could have been a disaster!

Let the Partying Begin........

The princesses

Rylinn's friend Luis

Rylinn's sugary creation complete with Tinkerbell sprinkles

Ry and her friends making ice cream sundaes

I wonder if it was edible?

Freeze Dance fun

Freeze Dance!

The look on Ry's face is priceless!

Passed out with her friend Ayden after a long, fun day!

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